ahoy is hello

The cold nights didn't seem to bug the willow at all. 

I think the peas actually prefered it.
I read you need 10 feet of peas per person so I think I am going to plant more.
I should not have planted theese peas at the south side of the garden. They will grow decently tall.
Going to plant some poppies tomorrow beside the white shed.

spinach! pretty spotty so far. No dill yet..

Got some seeds in the mail last weed from C.B. out on Galiano. Wasabi greens, evening primrose,
zinnias and a bunch more I need to read up on when to plant them all. 
This week i go pick up my bike from a new to me bike shop.
i found them here on kijiji.  Its a really nice;y put together nishiki road bike.
could last me my whole life if i am good to it. 

saugeen shores

When I have been away from the house from any considerable amount of time and come back in I can smell moldy gross things.  Just on the old side whn I come in from the front. Bruce  has ben ripping out old cabinets and underneath is just a layer of mouse death.
We took off for the weekend . I enjoyed the ride .  the most snow and lowest tems  s. ont has had this winter.

And as always we stopped at my grandparents place for a 'pee break' .  Palmerston is roughly the half way point to Port Elgin

Their place is always toasty warm and I have to try not to fall asleep.  my grandma loaded me down.. up? with walking sticks, clothing, slippers. She got me a small stack of organic growers magazines from a recent ouring to a farming convention.


Now I am at the library in search of movies and books on growing dogwoods for baskt making.  Also must print resumes =/

orian belted, sirus scramed

The kitties are passed out on the bed beside me and Bruce is downstairs watching the train documentary i watched last night: "Long Gone". I was trying to finish up some of my knitting before things really get busy around here. Running out of things to watch/ read in the evenings. I can appreciate movies like 'long gone' not because I can listen and knit at the same time <3 but because I am very into peoples stories. I recently got a copy of mark twains autobiography in audio book styles. I have been finding it a little dry at the end of my simple some -what dry days:

This week has been get up and clean a bit. Take the dog i am dog sitting out for a pee. Come in for some eggers n bacon. Take the doggie down the road through the corn fields and down through the maple woods and back to the haus. Then maybe clean up a bit inside and see if the kitties want out.

Check on the seedlings in the mornings and at nigth when i put them to bed ( turn out the lights). The hot peppers germinated in 3 days! As soon as I took them OFF them hating mat. Thy apparantly lik COOL temp. not warm for germination. woops. The ones in the picture are lupins. In the background salad mix that germinated over night. No sign of cilantro life yet.

Check over the list of to-do things for the day and see if theres one i would like to get crossed off. today and yesterday : clear the back fence of weeds

Ive mostly been stalking all the wild grape vines with my new machette. You can see some of the super thick grape vines below sissy hank shaw climbing on the old coop fence. I asked bruce if I look tough handling the thing. Apparantly I look scary because I have over sized gloves on while i work and it makes me look like a clown with a machette. REE REE REE

I have made a sad discovery on the property. 1 and possibly 2 black walnut trees loom close to really great gardening locations. As much as I love wild foods I am not welcoming theese trees with open arms. They release a toxin in their roots that is poisonous to apples, cabbages, tomatoes, peppers, to name a few. if you have ever seen a a

garden near one you know what I mean.

The chicken coop was to go quite near it as well. Does any one know if it will be too toxic for them? On one hand it would kill of germs and bacterias but maybe overall it would hurt the birds too?

He was hard at work today on a beautiful new cold frame. All scavenged materials from around the house.

We can use them to warm up and dry out soils for earlier planting times. We can use them to 'harden off' plants in the months to come. Which means getting my little seedlings use to the outdoor winds and temperatures but still being protected at the same time. they are also good for ' season extension' which is making plants stay warmer in the fall and allowing them to soak up the rays and not mind too much if its actually colder outside. Maybe even some greens all winter...

anndddd fini!

And of course sissy 7 toes exploring in the wood smoky air

annddd boilin it down in th crock pot....!

Been the perfect days and nights for the sap to be running. Warm all day and then dipping down to zero in the evening again.

bear in the headlights


dreams of being snubbed mean that i am capable of worrying even in my sleep. I often will run into someone in dreaming life that is important to me and they walk away as if they don't even know me. Sometimes I am standing there speaking to someone. They simply look the other way as I talk to them until it becomes incredibly awkward and I walk away.

Other dreams I am an observer and stand helplessly as things unfold around me. Another sleeping story took place at a small cabin on the ocean.

My friend is in the ocean now and I watch as a large bear is ripping her apart. Moments later she walks out of the ocean and up to me completely untouched.

The story changes and i become an active part of it because a bear is now chasing me. I run through the woods and out onto a busy highway. A transport truck sees what is transpiring between me and the bear and veers off the road with a path of him vs the bear.

A large group of people stand around the squashed bear. Once they get wind of the attack on my friend they want to go back to the cabin. But i know that this beast is not the same bear as before. We should never go back to that place and consider ourselves lucky.

never really drawn before but gonna keep it up as a part time thing for this winter. 
i HAVE to keep busy with somthing and i need a break from recording because i have no weed and thats just nofun.
also breaking from making baskets because when i re soak the dog wood the peppery smell is just too much for this lil apartment.
i think i like drawing from real live people best. still when i try and go from memory it gets all fucked up and i draw weird weird and not what i want at all
trying to upload to an ancient photobucket account. cracked another internet code, maybe? 


reading the devils doctor.  beware of the evil sucubae!!!


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