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bear in the headlights


dreams of being snubbed mean that i am capable of worrying even in my sleep. I often will run into someone in dreaming life that is important to me and they walk away as if they don't even know me. Sometimes I am standing there speaking to someone. They simply look the other way as I talk to them until it becomes incredibly awkward and I walk away.

Other dreams I am an observer and stand helplessly as things unfold around me. Another sleeping story took place at a small cabin on the ocean.

My friend is in the ocean now and I watch as a large bear is ripping her apart. Moments later she walks out of the ocean and up to me completely untouched.

The story changes and i become an active part of it because a bear is now chasing me. I run through the woods and out onto a busy highway. A transport truck sees what is transpiring between me and the bear and veers off the road with a path of him vs the bear.

A large group of people stand around the squashed bear. Once they get wind of the attack on my friend they want to go back to the cabin. But i know that this beast is not the same bear as before. We should never go back to that place and consider ourselves lucky.


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